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  1. System Requirements
  2. Disk Formats Supported
  3. File Formats Supported
  4. Audio Conversions
  5. Audio Waveforms
  6. Clip Level Information

System Requirements

Media Magic is deigned to run on a Macintosh computer with the following minimum specifications:

  • Power Mac 604e/200 Mhz processor (G3/266 Mhz or better recommended)

  • 64 MB RAM or more

  • Mac OS 8.6 or later (Mac OS 9.x recommended); also supported in Mac OSX Classic environment.

  • Mac OS compliant SCSI card (for connection of external drives)

  • USB port (for connection of license key)

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Disk Formats Supported

Media Magic includes dedicated support for accessing the following format SCSI drives.



Akai DD1000


Akai Normal/Extended



Fairlight (OS-9/RBF)


Fairlight (FLFS)

See Note Below


Media Magic is also able to format media for use on Akai, Fairlight or Waveframe/Tascam systems.

Media Magic will also read and write files to any drive mounted on the Macintosh desktop. This includes any HFS or HFSplus formatted drive, FAT formatted drives (using PC Exchange/File Exchange) or any network drive.

NOTE: Support for formatting and writing to FLFS format disks has been temporarily removed at the request of Fairlight ESP Ltd due to some potential problems in the Fairlight MFX/QDC if disks written to by third-party software are used on these systems. Fairlight ESP Pty Ltd are investigating a possible solution to this problem. Meanwhile, files can still be exported by Media Magic in ML format to either HFS or FAT32 disks for use on Fairlight systems.


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File Formats Supported



Fairlight DL


Fairlight ML / ML4

Nagra V


Protools 3.2


Protools 4.x/Protools 24

Protools 5.0

Sonic Solutions 5.3 EDL

Sonic Studio HD EDL
Waveframe/Tascam MMR/MMP
Zaxcom Deva


Media Magic is able to convert from any format marked as readable to any format marked as writeable in the table above.

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Audio Conversions

When copying a project from one format to another, Media Magic will translate all audio files into a format suitable for the target system. During the conversion process, the bit-length of audio data can be altered. Media Magic includes support for reading and writing 16-bit, 20-bit and 24-bit audio (including the proprietary 'packed' 20-bit modes used on Akai and Fairlight systems).

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Audio Waveforms

When converting to an Akai format project, Media Magic can automatically generate accurate 'ENVELOPE' files for each audio file converted. (This envelope file is used to provide waveform displays on the Akai DL1500 remote controller).

When converting to a Protools Session file, Media Magic can automatically generate an 'OVERVIEW' in each SD-II audio created. This can reduce the time needed to open the converted project on Protools systems which would otherwise need to recalculate these overviews when the Session was first opened.

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Clip Level Information

When converting between project formats that store 'clip-based' level information, Media Magic will convert the clip-level information into a format suitable for use on the target system. When creating Protools Session files, all clip-level information will be converted into a Protools volume-automation graph.

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(OS9 Only)


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