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  Media Magic is a format conversion utility which can read and convert many of the disk and file formats which are in common use in professional audio post-production facilities. It is an essential tool to allow source projects and audio files to be interchanged freely between a wide variety of different systems.  
  The software provides support for cross-converting both audio and edit information between an extensive range of formats including those used by the Akai DD8, Fairlight MFX/QDC, Digidesign Protools, Tascam MMR8/MMP16, Waveframe, Sonic Solutions, Sonic Studio HD, Nagra-V and Zaxcom Deva. Support is also provided for OMF and the 'industry standard' AES-31 format.  
  Read more about full specifications.  
  A demo version of Media Magic can be downloaded here.  


(OS9 Only)


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